EnergyBin Case Study-Inovateus Solar
Case Study Published 04/20/2021 4 min read

Case Study: Inovateus Solar

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Melissa Ann Schmid

Solar Developer finds value on EnergyBin that positively impacts goals in 5 key areas.

Inovateus Solar joined EnergyBin in February 2018. The company was looking for an alternative option for procurement and wanted to create an additional sales channel for excess material. EnergyBin provided a trusted network to connect to buyers and sellers. By accessing EnergyBin, Inovateus is able to keep a pulse on the solar secondary market, which plays a role in the company’s ability to meet key sustainability goals.

As an EnergyBin member, Inovateus has added value to its team in five critical areas:

  • Procurement
  • Sales
  • Networking
  • Education
  • Sustainability

Looking for alternatives to enhance operations


Operating in a volatile market, Inovateus Solar recognized the need for market intelligence to support day-to-day decisions. Product pricing and availability change frequently. Even with primary vendor relationships in place, Inovateus was looking for procurement alternatives to ensure project timelines stay on track.

“We don’t do a lot of stocking. We have a 10,000 square foot warehouse. But our goal has always been to order on-demand and practice just-in-time inventory procurement,” explains Tyler Kanczuzewski, Vice President of Marketing & Sustainability. “Manufacturers aren’t always able to accommodate that model.”

In addition to buying hardware for in-house projects, Inovateus makes bulk purchases on behalf of area residential and commercial installers. Although distribution is a meager service compared to the EPC competencies Inovateus is better known for, it is a way to help these installers access equipment at lower rates.

“Having a pulse on the market - knowing the availability of materials - is absolutely critical to our operations and ability to support our customers who are doing installations.”

Further, Inovateus wanted to find a solution to resell excess material from projects. Sometimes project sizes are decreased after materials have been ordered. Other times, the company has materials in stock that their customers aren’t in need of.


Getting a pulse on the market


When Inovateus joined EnergyBin in 2018, the company saw the potential of the trusted B2B network’s capability to provide solutions for its buying and selling needs.

“We saw EnergyBin as a secondary option that would allow us to put Plan B in place,” remarked Tyler.

Inovateus team members use EnergyBin as a sourcing tool to help with supply and distribution. They access information from multiple suppliers on product availability, specifications, price, quantity, location, condition, and warranty.

“Having EnergyBin as an additional resource to procure equipment in times of market volatility is impactful. Systematic use of EnergyBin helps us keep a pulse on the market.”

Additionally, they use EnergyBin as a sales channel for excess material. They upload inventory for sale to the platform and send want-to-sell broadcasts to members. Reselling excess material on EnergyBin not only creates another revenue stream, but also contributes to achieving Inovateus’ zero-waste goals as well.

As a leader in sustainability, Inovateus has implemented a zero-waste policy to ensure hardware that can either be remarketed or recycled does not end up in landfills. When excess goods are offered for resell, they can be purchased by a buyer who can install those components in other solar systems today.

“Our relationship with EnergyBin aligns with our sustainability goals. Having the EnergyBin tool helps us to achieve sales goals as well as zero-waste goals.”


Membership helps to advance sustainability goals through networking and education


Belonging to the EnergyBin online community has come with networking perks that are both educational and opportunistic. EnergyBin offers a way to easily connect with industry peers who share a common vision to advance solar throughout the world. Beyond buying and selling PV equipment, EnergyBin members collaborate on new opportunities and exchange best practices, such as resources highlighting sustainability initiatives.

“We’re always growing our network and looking for ways to connect with others in our industry,” notes Tyler. “We consider ourselves a social company. We’re all about networking to grow our understanding of the industry and build business relationships. We’ve made some valuable connections on EnergyBin.”

As Inovateus works to aggressively grow its sustainability efforts, the company aims to achieve environmental and social objectives. Sustainability leads to a triple bottom line that positively impacts people, planet, and profits.

“With respect to our EnergyBin membership, we need to strengthen our relationship with those companies that are focused on making a sustainable impact. We can hit our goals faster if we partner with companies that are dedicated to sustainability. We can join forces to promote sustainability and vitality in the solar industry.”


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Inovateus Solar, founded in 2008, is committed to building a brilliant tomorrow by providing its customers affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions. Based in South Bend, Indiana, the Inovateus team has established itself as the top Midwest solar energy provider through the execution and development of over 500 megawatts of commercial and utility-scale PV projects. The diverse portfolio of clients includes utilities, municipalities, electric cooperatives, Fortune 500 firms, schools and universities, industrial entities, and commercial customers. Through development, design-build, and finance capabilities, Inovateus seeks to serve the growing demands of the solar and renewable energy marketplace.