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Article Published 06/28/2021 2 min read

Webinar: The Future of PV - A Booming Secondary Market

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Melissa Ann Schmid

How can the solar industry grow in a way that makes PV solar a mainstream commodity technology?  One way is through a booming secondary market where companies are free to trade new and used solar equipment.


This presentation gives a state of the U.S. solar secondary market and highlights three primary economic drivers - aging PV systems, policy changes, and market consolidation - that create opportunities for solar companies and equipment brokers around the world.

By viewing this webinar, you will learn:

  • What the secondary market is and how it connects players worldwide
  • Size and opportunities of the U.S. solar secondary market
  • Case study examples of companies operating in the secondary market
  • U.S. secondary market forecast

Watch on demand:

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Duration:  14 minutes, 54 seconds

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Melissa_avatar 100x100pxMelissa Ann Schmid
Marketing Communication Manager

Melissa Ann Schmid is the Marketing Communication Manager at EnergyBin where she oversees marketing initiatives for the growing wholesale solar B2B exchange. She completed a Master’s in International Business at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota focusing her thesis research on strategic corporate social responsibility initiatives and the role of for-profit/non-profit partnerships in today’s global economy. Melissa has published in the Social Responsibility Journal, the Journal of Business, Society, and Government, enerG Magazine, Solar Power World, PV Magazine USA, North American Clean Energy, and Resource Recycling. Melissa presented a live version of this presentation at Intersolar North America 2020 in San Diego.