EB Insights Ep. 3 Webinar - Sustainability in the solar industry
Article Published 09/09/2021 4 min read

Webinar: Sustainability 101 - It's time for a new mind to gain circularity in the solar industry

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Melissa Ann Schmid melissa@energybin.com

We are in the greatest energy transition of our times. As our economy pivots to clean energy sources, so too must our cultural mindset change in order to fully embrace a circular economy.

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It's not enough to merely operate as a renewable energy industry because renewable energy by itself falls short of realizing opportunities for shared benefit and value enhancement. Rather, solar companies should evolve to be sustainable energy companies.

In this webinar, Peter Perrault, Sr. Manager, Circular Economy & Sustainable Solutions at Enel North America, will share how a circular economy model addresses the sustainability needs of the community, planet, and economy.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Mindsets that exist in our culture that may be preventing us from fully embracing a circular economy
  • What role the secondary market plays in realizing sustainability goals
  • Tips for PV professionals to transform your business towards an inclusive circular economy

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Peter Perrault avatarPeter Perrault
Sr. Manager, Circular Economy & Sustainability


Peter Perrault is a Sustainability Management Certified Professional (SMCP) and certified Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) whose experience spans over 15 years working at the nexus of sustainability and technology. He was the first President of the Board of Directors for the Sustainability Management Association, and has “sat on all sides of the table” as a sustainability practitioner; within local government, NGOs, industry groups and global corporations. Peter has held leadership positions with the UN Global Compact Supply Chain Traceability Task Force, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s Environment Committee, and was a member of the Technical Working Group that developed the WRI/GHG Protocol ICT Sector Guidance for emissions reporting.  With Enel North America, Peter works across Enel business lines, leading the company’s efforts in the region to transform its business towards an inclusive circular economy and to develop sustainable solutions for Enel customers. He received a Master’s degree in Economics from University of San Francisco and his Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a minor in Political Science from Humboldt State University.


Renee_avatar 250x250pxRenee Kuehl
Director of Sales & Marketing


Renee Kuehl is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Broker Exchange Network, the parent company of EnergyBin, LLC. Her work amounts to over a decade of connecting equipment resellers in the IT and Renewable Energy industries across 70 countries. Renee is passionate about playing an integral role in accelerating a sustainable, secondary market, which is a key element to making solar energy affordable and accessible to all people. Prior to joining Broker Exchange Network, Renee served as a national sales rep for EXHIBITOR Magazine and as the Corporate Wellness Director at Lifetime Fitness. Her background has instilled in her the importance of company leadership establishing a work/life balance culture for employees. Renee holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Minnesota. When she's not in the office, you can find her in the yoga studio or spending time with her family.