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Article Published 03/17/2022 3 min read

Webinar: Secondhand - How used solar panels help people and the planet

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Melissa Ann Schmid melissa@energybin.com

Reuse is critical for the welfare of the environment and humanity, especially when it comes to solar energy. Secondhand solar panels play a key role in bringing reliable electricity to communities in need.

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The World Bank estimates some 759 million people lack access to electricity. Further, 3.5 billion people lack reasonably reliable access to electricity, according to a study published in The Electricity Journal. Income disparities and weather crises affect people's access to reliable electricity in every country throughout the world.

Meanwhile, the need persists to rapidly transition to clean energy sources. Secondhand solar panels add to the mix of solutions. Yet, millions functioning solar panels flow to landfills every year.

This webinar discusses two main options - resale and making donations - to redistribute still-viable solar panels to communities in need.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Current market trends for secondhand solar panels - buying & selling
  • How Good Sun, a registered non-profit, redirects functioning solar panels away from landfills and towards communities in need vis-à-vis donations 
  • How you can get involved

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Duration: 43:17 minutes

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Vince Lucia avatarVince Lucia


Vince is the CEO at Good Sun, a registered non-profit with a mission to deploy solar power to communities in need while helping to hasten the transition to a global clean-power economy.   Vince is a multifunctional leader with experience in problem solving, team building, and business efficiency and optimization. He has a proven track record in leadership, sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, and customer service and is known for securing significant performance results and delivering operational improvements in complex global organizations. He is proficient in building value by communicating vision and empowering customers, while setting the policy for growth and the platform for sustainability. Prior to joining Good Sun, Vince worked at SMA America and Kaco New Energy.


Melissa_avatar 100x100pxMelissa Ann Schmid
Marketing Communication Manager


Melissa Ann Schmid is the Marketing Communication Manager at EnergyBin. She is committed to advancing an environmentally and socially responsible secondary solar market. Melissa completed a Master’s in International Business at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota focusing her thesis research on strategic corporate social responsibility initiatives and the role of for-profit/non-profit partnerships in today’s global economy. Melissa has published in the Social Responsibility Journal, the Journal of Business, Society, and Government, enerG Magazine, Solar Power World, North American Clean Energy, PV Magazine USA, and Resource Recycling. Melissa has broad work experience serving in strategic planning and marketing roles across multiple industries.