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Article Published 07/22/2021 3 min read

Webinar: What's really going on in the PV recycling sector

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Melissa Ann Schmid melissa@energybin.com

There's a lot of talk about the exponential growth of PV waste expected in the coming decades. Some skeptics are even calling it the "dark side of solar." But this conversation assumes solar panels will end up in landfills rather than being properly recycled.

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The assumption is based on the misconception that there's a lack of planning taking place to address end-of-life management. The better conversation to have is this: PV recycling presents economic opportunities for those willing to face today's challenges.

In this webinar, Evelyn Butler, Vice President of Technical Services at SEIA, will give an overview of the PV recycling sector in the United States and what's happening to build the infrastructure capable of reaping the resulting benefits.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • PV recycling challenges, and what is being done to turn challenges into economic opportunities
  • Policies and incentives to support a robust PV recycling infrastructure
  • How you can help promote recycling over landfill disposal

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Duration: 53:51 minutes

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Evelyn Butler avatarEvelyn Butler
Vice President of Technical Services


As Vice President of Technical Services, Evelyn leads SEIA's work on various efforts that provide support and advocacy on a range of technical issues that must be solved to facilitate solar's continued rapid deployment and mitigate business risks for members. This includes engagement in the improvement of model codes and product standards to enable flexibility and innovation while promoting safety and quality, and reducing regulatory burden. She also supports SEIA's Corporate Social Responsibility efforts to ensure socially and environmentally responsible supply chains and sustainable end-of-life strategies for solar hardware.


Melissa_avatar 100x100pxMelissa Ann Schmid
Marketing Communication Manager


Melissa Ann Schmid is the Marketing Communication Manager at EnergyBin. She is committed to advancing an environmentally and socially responsible secondary solar market. Melissa completed a Master’s in International Business at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota focusing her thesis research on strategic corporate social responsibility initiatives and the role of for-profit/non-profit partnerships in today’s global economy. Melissa has published in the Social Responsibility Journal, the Journal of Business, Society, and Government, enerG Magazine, Solar Power World, North American Clean Energy, PV Magazine USA, and Resource Recycling. Melissa has broad work experience serving in strategic planning and marketing roles across multiple industries.