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Article Published 10/05/2023 3 min read

Webinar: End-of-Life Solar Planning Resources

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Melissa Ann Schmid melissa@energybin.com

Solar energy has many good qualities. Yet, solar panel end-of-life management is a growing concern within the industry.

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The International Renewable Energy Agency predicts cumulative global solar waste between now and 2050 could reach 60 and 78 million metric tons. Not having a deliberate plan to ensure responsible end-of-life management will cause valuable materials to flow to landfills. By joining in the commitment to reuse and recycle used solar panels, companies play an active role in building a circular economy.

In this webinar, Janette Freeman, Director of Business Development at FabTech Solar Solutions, will discuss steps to effectively plan for proper disposal.

By viewing this webinar, you will learn:

  • Overview of the solar panel reuse and recycling markets today
  • Landfill diversion options for what to do with your used solar panels
  • What your company can do to prepare for end-of-life solar panel management

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Duration:   42:14 minutes

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Janette Freeman avatar 200x200Janette Freeman
Director of Business Development
FabTech Solar Solutions


Janette Freeman is passionate about saving the landfill from the millions of solar panels which will be coming to end-of-life in the years ahead. She is the Director of Business Development for FabTech Solar Solutions, which does solar panel refurbishing and recycling, giving panels a second life or a proper recycling path. She is the author of “End of Life Solar Planning Resources”, which offers education on this topic. Prior to working in renewables, Janette worked in personal development training and coaching. She is the author of three books and has a Doctorate in Consciousness Studies.


Melissa_avatar 100x100pxMelissa Ann Schmid
Marketing Communication Manager


Melissa Ann Schmid is the Marketing Communication Manager at EnergyBin. She is committed to advancing an environmentally and socially responsible secondary solar market. Melissa completed a Master’s in International Business at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota focusing her thesis research on strategic corporate social responsibility initiatives and the role of for-profit/non-profit partnerships in today’s global economy. Melissa has published in the Social Responsibility Journal, the Journal of Business, Society, and Government, enerG Magazine, Solar Power World, North American Clean Energy, PV Magazine USA, and Resource Recycling. Melissa has broad work experience serving in strategic planning and marketing roles across multiple industries.