Solar supplier leverages EnergyBin network to gain new customers
Case Study Published 12/14/2018 2 min read

Case Study: ATEN Solar

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Melissa Ann Schmid

Solar Supplier leverages EnergyBin network to gain new customers and pricing insights.

ATEN Solar has been an EnergyBin member since July 2017.  ATEN is a solar supplier that specializes in surplus liquidation and reselling top quality PV panels, inverters, mounting hardware and other solar products at prices starting at 5% lower than other solar suppliers.  Before joining EnergyBin, ATEN struggled to find a qualified lead base.

Using EnergyBin, ATEN has accomplished:

  • 100% ROI with just 2 sales deals made in 2 months
  • ≤1 Day to resell inventory posted on EnergyBin
  • 15% growth in new business leads

In search of qualified leads


ATEN was on a mission to find more qualified leads to sell surplus and new product direct from the port.  The company had a customer base it worked with, but found itself more and more in a supply-heavy and customer-shy position.

“In this business, a lot of customers aren’t loyal.  They usually place 2-3 orders before they drop off,” explains Yousri Abdou, Business Development Manager at ATEN.  “We knew that we had to create a new customer funnel in order to maintain our competitive edge and cycle through our inventory.

In an attempt to create a new customer funnel, ATEN tried email marketing and dabbled in Google AdWords.  Then, ATEN heard of the online B2B exchange concept and signed up for PVXchange.  However, ATEN felt these efforts did not provide a targeted lead generation approach.

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Connecting with buyers ready to deal


Finally, ATEN discovered EnergyBin and instantly recognized it as a focused and carefully curated network of solar companies.

“I realized that EnergyBin is the best chance, if any, to find people who are really ready to buy,” remarked Yousri.

ATEN joined EnergyBin and immediately went to work on posting solar equipment for sale and connecting with new business leads. 

On any given week, ATEN logs into EnergyBin’s platform 3-5 times to post and update inventory for sale.  Every Monday, ATEN takes time to read new business opportunities emailed to all EnergyBin members.  EnergyBin has provided ATEN with tremendous insight on pricing.  If ATEN’s product does not sell within 24 hours, ATEN realizes the price was set too high for the industry and makes adjustments to the listing.

“Aside from offering a good supply of customers we hadn’t connected with before, EnergyBin provides us with an in-depth view of supply and demand for many kinds of panels in the market.  Plus, EnergyBin helps us keep tabs on surplus pricing.”


Great results and big future plans


It didn’t take long for ATEN to see results.  Within two months of joining EnergyBin, ATEN brokered two sales deals that more than covered the company’s annual membership dues.  

In addition to 100% ROI achieved nearly instantly, ATEN usually sells posted inventory in one day or less to other EnergyBin members.  ATEN reports a 15% growth in new customer leads since joining EnergyBin.

Looking forward, ATEN has plans to increase its network of resellers for its growing surplus supply and is seeking qualified individuals with a sales background.  EnergyBin is the tool ATEN needs to leverage its network, connect with new customers and reap results.


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Aten Solar was founded in 2004 by Yousri Abdou, who focused on bringing renewable energy to the web and to the DIY enthusiasts by reducing the costs of green energy systems and guiding buyers through the process of how solar procurement, design and installation works. ATEN supplies top quality PV panels, inverters, mounting hardware and other solar products to solar integrators and other qualified solar contracting firms.