eBook: A Comprehensive Guide to Wholesale Solar Equipment Brokering

The solar industry is the fastest growing industry in the world.  Growth presents new business opportunities, such as wholesale solar equipment brokering.


Whether you are a full-time solar broker, a solar company who wants to adopt broker best practices, a broker from another industry, or you are curious to learn more about equipment brokering, this guide will provide you with information to maximize your efforts in solar equipment trade.

The information presented is based on industry research and over fifteen years of direct experience working with more than 13,000 equipment brokers around the world.  This guide is updated regularly to offer timely and relevant information.

Table of Contents:

  • Solar Equipment Brokering Defined
  • Why the Solar Industry needs Equipment Brokers
  • Common Characteristics of Equipment Brokers
  • Equipment Broker Knowledge and Skills
  • Buying and Selling Solar Equipment
  • Wholesale Solar Equipment Brokering Best Practices


Wholesale Solar Equipment Brokering Guide


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