2021 PV Module Price Index

Secondary Solar Market


The PV module price index presented by EnergyBin tracks and reports on crystalline-silicon module trade within the secondary market.

Results are based on data collected from over 500 EnergyBin members who are trading at wholesale levels. These members represent solar companies from across the supply chain. Quantities traded on EnergyBin tend to be earmarked for commercial and residential uses.

Note that spot market prices are based on commodities, in this case crystalline-silicon modules, that are traded for immediate delivery. EnergyBin is an exchange platform designed to ensure fair and orderly trading, facilitate connections between buyers and sellers, and effectively disseminate price information for modules and other PV equipment traded on the exchange.

When reading the price index, take into account that these findings are based on modules traded in the secondary market, and therefore, the following applies:

  • Prices are quoted by sellers for the U.S. market.
  • Prices are not free of import duties, as the assumption is made that these modules have already cleared customs and are warehoused / stored in a U.S. location.
  • Minimum volume orders may apply to qualify for discounted prices. When provided by the seller, this price index took into account pallet pricing, rather than container and lot pricing.



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